8 Reasons NOT to Get Treatment at The Movement Co.

8 Reasons NOT to Get Treatment at The Movement Co.

  1. It most likely won’t be a quick fix. We are in the business of addressing the root cause of people’s problems. This often takes time. To make real change quick fixes and/or hacks rarely, if ever, work. The quickest way to health is to embrace the long term root cause approach. Sure, if you’re a runner with an acute injury such as an ankle sprain, we are experts at accelerating recovery with treatment but our philosophy is to also investigate whether you were more prone to an acute injury due to other underlying factors. For example, you may be overstriding slightly due to inefficient hips leading to your foot landing in a vulnerable position. So when you went out on that trail run and accidentally landed on a root your body wasn’t able to roll over it and you sprained your ankle :(

  2. We are not miracle workers and we are not going to pretend to be. We would love to convince ourselves and others that we have some super powers to heal but unfortunately we don’t. We could do this and let placebo make us look like magicians from time to time but we’re not into that either. We are realistic, optimistic, and passionate practitioners. We don’t build up imaginary egos to please others or protect our self-image. The human body is incredibly complex, anyone claiming to be a guru and understand it all is almost always wrong in some way. If we don’t know something we’re not going to BS you, we’re going to work with you to figure it out.

  3. You are going to need to work. Treatment can be extremely valuable but what you do at home on your own is more important. A 30 min treatment session can be quite beneficial but don’t forget about what you’re doing the remaining 23 and a half hours a day! At The Movement Co. we educate our patients about what they can be doing on their own. We provide “at-home” exercises so our patient can feel empowered and be their best therapists.

  4. We don’t have ultrasound. Sorry folks we don’t have passive care modalities such as ultrasound or laser. Sure some spotty research may support their use, but I bet some research would support rubbing a wooden spoon over a sore spot too. There can definitely be a time and place for passive care modalities. At The Movement Co. we would much rather empower our patients to embrace an active care approach over relying on passive modalities.

  5. We may contradict the conventional. We are constantly thinking critically about conventional approaches to health care. For example, conventional medicine recommended bed rest for low back pain, modern research has proven that not only does this not help it can actually make symptoms worse and last longer. The same can be said for many tendon injuries. Many runner’s have been told to simply rest following an Achilles injury. Not only does this rarely improve their symptoms but it makes the runner weaker as well as ‘heals’ the tendon dysfunctionally. In the end this advice can make things worse than the original injury! At The Movement Co. we believe in relentlessly challenging the status quo .

  6. No x-rays or spinal analysis on site. If we’ve determined that you need an x-ray we can refer out. We will not simply take x-rays or do some weird spinal analysis to convince you that you are screwed unless you come in for an adjustment twice a week for 3 years. Some may find comfort in the visual findings imaging provides, however research has proven that imaging finding does not correlate well with symptoms. All too often findings on xray are used as an excuse to give up on recovering. We are not saying they can’t be a factor, they certainly are, however pain is incredibly complex and they are just one factor. For example, osteoarthritis is often seen clearly on radiographs however, some individuals with a mild amount of bony changes may be in a substantial amount of pain while my grandma with a visibly large amount of osteoarthritis is in no pain at all. I’ve heard some therapist compare degenerative bony changes to skin wrinkles, they don’t hurt do they?!

  7. We’re chiropractors. We are well aware of the beliefs some people have about chiropractic. Often times these beliefs can be warranted. Much of the original theory on which chiropractic was created has been largely disproven. Just like heroin isn’t used to by MD’s anymore treat to a common cough, DC’s shouldn’t be claiming that adjustments are miracle tools. Although, like any other profession, there are some bad apples in Chiropractic, the profession has evolved tremendously. Due to the fact that some people have certain negative beliefs about chiropractic, we cannot simply rely on our DC title for public approval.  We must continually prove ourselves and hold ourselves to a higher standard. This really isn’t a burden but rather a blessing. It might be one of the reasons why today there are so many amazing, intelligent and innovative chiropractors playing a strong role in advancing the field of health and performance. Dr. Garrett graduated from Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in 2016 and Dr. Luc graduated from New York Chiropractic College in 2013. We are extremely proud to be chiropractors and look forward to evolving our profession along with healthcare into the future.

  8. You might get a little dog hair on your socks. You can blame this on our super cute mascot Roue….

By Dr Garrett de Jong