Our Services

Combining our extensive chiropractic, strength & conditioning, coaching, and athletic backgrounds, the Movement Co. provides a wide range of services.  From traditional chiropractic work to utilizing the latest technologies in bike fitting, our services are aimed at not just providing a band-aid solution, but taking a diverse and multi-pronged approach to improving your quality of life, preventing future injury, and bettering your athletic performance. Learn more about our services below.



Dr. Luc Mahler and Dr. Garrett de Jong utilize a wealth of treatment techniques from their Chiropractic backgrounds. From traditional chiropractic adjustments to manual therapy, ART (active release therapy) and acupuncture, both Luc and Garrett combine these--and numerous other--techniques with comprehensive strength and conditioning and rehabilitation programs to tackle any existing injuries, prevent future issues, and improve your athletic performance.


Strength & Conditioning

As a certified strength and conditioning (S&C) specialist, Dr. Luc Mahler takes a comprehensive approach to building your S&C program.  Based off of a complete strength, flexibility, and coordination assessment Luc will guide you through, and craft, your individualized program.  Whether you are looking to improve your mobility, or you are hoping to maximize your athletic performance, Luc's S&C programs will utilize his extensive knowledge in athletic and chiropractic therapy in order to help you achieve your goals.


Gait Analysis 

Whether you are looking to complete your first road race, trying to improve your personal best in the marathon, or you are in the process of overcoming an injury, then we at the Movement Co. highly recommend getting your gait analyzed by Dr. Garrett de Jong.

As one of the best road racers in the National Capital Region, and an experienced distance running coach, Garrett has a wealth of knowledge in the discipline.  The former triathlete, and winner of the National Capital Race Weekend 5km,  Garrett will utilize his wealth of knowledge, and experience as a chiropractor, to analyze your stride in real time.  With his keen eye, and the latest gait analysis technology, Garrett will isolate asymmetries in your movement patterns and create a strength and conditioning, and treatment, program to ameliorate your stride, and get you back on track.  


Bike Fits

With the help of the STT System Dr. Luc Mahler channels his lengthy experience as a former Cat 1. Bike Racer, Mountain Biker, and Bike Mechanic to provide the most comprehensive bike fit in the National Capital Region.  The Chiropractor, and long time cycling fan, will not simply pull out a measuring tape and an allen key, but use the STT System's advanced technology to tailor your bike fit to your personal goals and needs.

Whether you are looking to be in a comfortable position as you tackle the Gatineau Park for the first time, or you are aiming to gain an extra km/h in your time trial, book a Bike Fit appointment with Luc today.